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Mr. Patrick Wade


Published on 8/15/2016


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Conference Time: First Period 8:15 - 9:00       


Foundations for Superior Performance/Binder - Replacement Cost:  $15.00

Essential Elements for Jazz – Replacement Cost:  $15.00


Summary of Course Content:

Symphonic, Wind Ensemble, and Wind Symphony are designed to meet instrumental music education needs based upon the ability level of the wind and percussion students.  Instrumental technique, creative expression, and musical interpretation are taught as each relates to performance and the ability level of each performing group.  Music is varied each year to expose students to different contemporary, modern, and classical wind literature.  Students are involved extensively in performances and competitions throughout the year.  Placements in these bands are by audition only.


Grading Procedures: 

Learning objectives are based on performance skills, responsibility, and participation.  Therefore, students are expected to fulfill individual as well as group responsibilities.  Six Weeks grades are based on 100%:

40% Minor Grades (before or after school rehearsals, sectional rehearsals, and other daily grades – see Band Handbook)

60% Major Grades (all performances & playing and written tests) 

Because band is a performance-based team activity, it is imperative that all members participate in every rehearsal and performance.  Therefore, points will be deducted from the six weeks grade as follows:

An unexcused absence from rehearsals that are an extension of the classroom (sectionals/full band rehearsals)

An unexcused absence from a performance (football games, contests, concerts, competitions)


Expected Outcomes:

The student will gain a higher level of proficiency on their musical instrument and will gain the skills necessary to succeed in future performances through team and individual effort. The learning triangle consists of the teacher, the student, and the parent. Below are suggestions for how the parent can help their child to be successful in the course: Monitor the frequency of student practice at home and have the student demonstrate the music currently being performed in class and/or on the marching band field. Note the upcoming concerts/contests and attend these events to aid in encouragement and help promote future success for your child.  These dates are handed out in calendar form and posted on CHARMS (www.charmsoffice.com)

Please encourage your student to prepare and perform a solo or participate in an ensemble at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Solo and Ensemble Competition. All–Region Band Auditions are another great way to grow as a musician. Having an evaluation of the student’s performance by a specialist enhances the student’s perspective in his/her musical development.

Please see the GRHS Band Handbook for more specifics.

To become actively involved with the GRHS Band program, please become a member of the George Ranch Band Boosters Club (GRBBC).  For more information, please contact one of the directors.



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