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Mr. Gary Gazaway


Published on 8/15/2016

Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology 2016-2017!


Published on 9/9/2013

Instructor: Coach Gazaway

Conference Period: 6th period (1:45-2:35)

Room Number: 1314 Email: ggazaway@lcisd.org


Class Resources:

1. Notes will be provided in advance via Edmodo (code will be provided). An MLD will be beneficial if you are unable to print the notes for some reason. Printed notes are preferred.

2. We will have a class set of books. See Mr. Cuellar if you wish to check out a book for home.



The website contains the following information: teacher contact information and schedule, class syllabus, six weeks calendars, and class notes. To get to the website: 1. Go to www.lcisd.org.

2. Click the “schools” link at the top of the home page.

3. Click “List of School Websites”

4. Click on the link “School Website”.

5. Click on “Teachers” at the top.

6. Click “Mr. Gary Gazaway”.



If you need extra help please come to tutorials. It might also be beneficial to have a study buddy or a study group to prepare for each quiz/test. Tutorial times are: Monday & Wednesday 7:40-8:10am. Please set up an appointment in person or via email prior to the tutorial session.



All science tests will be given on Wednesdays and Fridays.






* Students will need to have two composition books, scissors, colored pencils, pens, and pencils.






Units that will be covered over the year

1. Lab Safety

2. Basic Chemistry

3. Cells and Tissue

4. Skin and Body Membranes

5. The Skeletal System

6. The Muscular System

7. Blood

8. The Nervous System

9. Special Senses

10. The Endocrine System

11. The Cardiovascular System

12. The Lymphatic System

13. The Respiratory System

14. The Digestive System

15. The Urinary System

16. The Reproductive System


Grading Scale

* Major Grades: 70%

* Includes:

o Tests

o Long-term assignments/projects

o Major labs

o Quizzes (the average of all of your quizzes will count as one major grade for the six weeks)

* Will have a minimum of three grades in this category each six weeks


* Minor Grades: 30%

* Includes:

o Daily work/assignments

o Labs

o Homework

* Will have a minimum of six grades in this category each six weeks


Make-Up Work

* If you are absent, you are responsible for getting make-up work. Students have a grace period equal to the number of days missed to turn in makeup work. Turn in make-up work as soon as possible so that you do not fall further behind.

* In most cases, quizzes and tests will need to be made up outside of class time.

* Any homework assigned prior to the absence must be turned in on the day you return.

* If you know ahead of time that you will be absent, ask for assignments prior to the absence.


Participation Grade

Participation grades will be taken on a daily basis. Each day counts worth five points towards your participation grade. Your daily participation grades will be averaged together and will count as one quiz grade.

* As long as you participate fully in class each day, you will receive five out of five points for the day (mainly from warm ups).

* If you do not participate in some of the class activities, then your participation grade for that day will be lowered. Participation grades can be affected by not participating in notes (head down or not following along), partner reviews/activities, class work (not working all period long, and then copying a neighbor’s work just before it is due), labs, dissections, rotation labs/activities, etc…


Educational opportunities are offered by the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability.


El Distrito Escolar Consolidado Independiente de Lamar, ofrece oportunidades educacionales sin cuenta de raza, religion, nacionalidad, sexo, o disabilidades.



Published on 8/23/2013

Anatomy students will need a composition book. We will do daily warm ups and notes. Please work to secure these now (may need two) as they tend to disappear quickly.  You will also need to bring a pack of colored pencils.

Anatomy and Physiology

Published on 8/20/2013

Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology! 

Teacher Profile

Mr. Gary Gazaway
Science Teacher Hs

My name is Michael Gazaway.  I have been teaching since 2001 and  I am currently teaching Anatomy & Physiology and coach football/baseball.  I enjoy fishing, hunting, watching sports, and spending time with my family.



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Tutorial time:

Monday and Wednesday 7:40-8:10 am.

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