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Campus Phone: (832)223-4200

Mr. David Brown

Ag Facilities Design & Fab

Published on 8/23/2013

Agriculture Shop Classes


Name: David D. Brown                     Phone: 832-223-4359             E-mail: dvbrown@lcisd.org




 Students should have the following:

  • A 3 ring binder (1-2 inch wide) with dividers – notes/work & extra paper will be kept in the binder.
  • lined notebook paper – 8 ½ x 11” white
  • pens/ pencils – blue or black ink only / #2 pencils / red ink for grading
  • pencil/pen pouch which clips in binder (suggested)
  • Close toed shoes
  • Pants or a jump suit to go over your clothing




    TOPIC OUTLINE             
    Once a topic has been introduced it may be revisited at anytime as deemed appropriate and necessary for student success.

  • Career opportunities and industry standards and expectations
  • Leadership (student organizations) and student development
  • Tools and Safety
  • Energy sources and power generating
  • Internal combustion engines and secondary power systems
  • Blueprints and blue print reading


  • Agricultural equipment (i.e. tillage, harvest, transport, etc..)
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Welding and metal working
  • Wood working




Homework and other daily assignments will be counted as minor grades.  Quizzes, pop quizzes, reports, specified writing assignments, and minor projects will be counted as quiz grades (= 2 minor grades).  Major projects and exams will be counted as major grades.  Failure to complete required labs due to behavior or lack of appropriate clothing will affect grade.  Weighted averages will be computed according to the GRHS/LCISD grading policy. 




Participation in shop/lab activities requires students to achieve and provide the following:


- Signed LCISD Safety agreement

- Closed toe work shoes

- Pass basic safety exam with a grade of 100

- Nonflammable work clothes

- Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment


Teacher Profile

Mr. David Brown
Ag Science Tchr Hs

David D. Brown

Ag Science Teacher

FFA Advisor

Bio:  I am a graduate of Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  I have been here at GRHS since it opened and before that work at the LCISD Alternative Learning Center.

I am married and have two daughters.

e-mail dvbrown@lcisd.org

Phone Number 1-832-223-4359 

Edmodo http://lcisd.edmodo.com/profile/9483056


Tuesday and Thursday (4-4:30 p.m.)

Class Schedule:

1st - Intro to Ag. Mech

2nd- Ag. Facilities

3rd - Ag Powers

4th- Manufacturing Welding

5th - Into to Ag. Mech

6th - Advidory

7th- Conference

8th- Project Supervision

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