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Ms. Carolyn Bracksieck

Important Notice

Tutorials: will be available after school on Mondays or before school on Tuesdays or by appointment.

Have access to the following:  Edmodo, Remind, & my website:  http://valelapena.weebly.com


Spanish Honor Society

Published on 8/12/2017

If you are interested in joining the Spanish Honor Society (Los Viajeros) please let me know.  We have a lot of fun activities planned.

PAP Spanish III

Published on 8/11/2016

Welcome to PAP Spanish III with Señora Bracksieck

Hopefully you are working on your Spanish summer packets as they will be due after we get back. (3 weeks into school)  Be sure to submit your conversations before then.  

   Have access to REMIND for updates. To join  send message @cbrac to 81010

Bookmark my website: http://valelapena.weebly.com


Assignments & Resources

Published on 8/17/2015

Be sure to have access to REMIND for weekly assignments and resources.  http://valelapena.weebly.com


Teacher Profile

Ms. Carolyn Bracksieck
Spanish Teacher Hs

I am excited to be here at the Ranch.  I am originally from Wisconsin but have lived in many places and am married with two beautiful daughters.  I studied Spanish at La Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla, Mexico as an exchange student.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse with a B.A. in Spanish I moved to Mexico to live and work, then to New York City, and finally to Houston Texas where I decided to become a teacher. I have also been able to travel to places like Spain and the Dominican Republic and  I am very passionate about teaching Spanish and sharing the beauty and culture of the language with others.

My philosophy as a teacher:  Communication is key.  Students need to be speaking and communicating in the language on a daily basis so that it is of use to them in real world and not something that they studied once upon a time.

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