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Campus Phone: (832)223-4200

Attendance Office

Attendance Clerk:  Donna Hancock, dhancock@lcisd.org, 832-223-4204 
Student Service Window:  Isabel Duran, iduran@lcisd.org, 832-223-4234

 Fax:  Attention: Donna Hancock          832-223-4201


What are the instructional day hours?

Our School day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:30 p.m.

When my child is sick, do I need to report my child’s absence?

It is not required, but it is preferred if you could call in the morning and let us know.

Do I need to send a note if they are absent?

Yes, either a parent note or a medical note are required to document/excuse all absences.

What is the procedure if my child needs to be released from school early?

All notes to leave must be in writing!  Your student should bring a hand written note to the Student Service Window before school starts What if the student forgets the note, or plans have changed?  You can email iduran@lcisd.org and your student will be given a pass to leave.  If you are picking your student up, a note or email to dhancock@lcisd.org is preferred so that we can have the student waiting. Please come in with your Driver’s License and sign the student out.  Any student driving themselves off campus must have a written note turned in so that they can get a pass that they will present to the Parking Lot Monitor.

Who can pick up my student from school?

Only the persons listed on the Contact List are allowed, with a driver’s license, to pick up your student.  If you want your student’s siblings to be able to pick them up, you must include them on the Contact List.  If you are unsure who is on your Contact List, please feel free to contact the Attendance Office at 832-223-4204 or the Student Service Window at 832-223-4234.  If you have an emergency, you may call and talk to us and we will do our best to work with you and your student’s situation.

What is the latest we can pick at student up?

3:10 is the latest that we prefer to pull a student from class, except in an emergency.  

 What if my student is absent and forgets the doctor’s note?

You have 10 (ten) school days to bring a note to the Student Service Window.  Medical notes must be originals, please. The note may be faxed from the doctor’s office to 832-223-4201, Attention: Donna Hancock.  Remember, this note is necessary at times when addressing absences for exemptions!  

What if my student is out for an extended illness or extenuating circumstances?

You will need to contact the Attendance office and be able to provide a medical explanation.  We will put you in contact with the correct person at that time.

If the school nurse sends my student home, is it still an absence?

Yes, any time that a student is not in class or on campus, it is an absence.

What determines an absence?

If a student misses 15 minutes at the beginning or end of a class, this is considered an absence for this class period.

If a student is absent the full day, even with a medical excuse, this is considered an absence.

How is an absence excused ?

If a student is in class at least one class period and goes to the doctor then returns with a medical excuse, they are excused for this day only.  If the doctor excuses the student for additional days, the additional days are still considered absences.  Only the day that the patient was seen is excused as long as the student was in school at least one class period that day.

How many absences is a student allowed, and still allowed to exempt finals?

Students must not have more than 3 absences in each class period.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call.  We are always glad to help when we can!


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