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College and Career Information

Naviance Log-In

Naviance button

Student log-in is the same as the district-assigned log-in used to get on a campus computer.  There is also a Naviance button in ClassLink for an easier log-in experience.


College and Career Facilitator:

Mrs. Allison Parker


CEEB Code (for test registration and college applications):  440009


Student Brag Sheet 
- give out completed copy when asking for letter of recommendation
Parent Brag Sheet 
- (optional) additional information to distribute when asking for letter of recommendation
College Visit Request Form


To access Naviance, students will have a button in their Class Link (coming soon!).  In the meantime, students can go to http://connection.naviance.com/fulshearhs or find this link on the College/Career webpage on the Fulshear site. 

The log-in information is the same as the user name and password used to log in to a school computer.  (Ignore the word “email” on the log-in page.  Students only use their regular log-in.) 

How WE will use Naviance:

  • Transcript requests for juniors and seniors are only accepted electronically through Naviance (9th/10th Graders use the request form in the Registrar’s office)

  • Rank/GPA posted here (once updated, we send out notification through email and social media)

    • 9th Grade – no Rank/GPA

    • 10th Grade – Rank/GPA run after the fall semester, typically late February

    • 11th Grade – Rank/GPA run after the fall semester (typically late February) and at the end of the school year

    • 12th Grade – Rank/GPA run near the beginning of the school year, after first semester ends, and at the end of the school year

  • Scholarship postings from the LCISD College and Career Facilitators for any local, state, or national scholarships for which we receive

  • Student-generated list of colleges he/she is interested in applying to

  • Home Page:  To-do list and relevant information based on student’s grade level

  • College Tab:  create list of colleges you're interested in and/or will be applying to, scholarships, college search options

  • Career Tab:  career exploration and interest inventory

  • About Me Tab:  Strengths Explorer, Resume builder

College Visits

College Visit Policies:

Students classified in the 11th and 12th grade are eligible for up to (4) days in a school year related to a college or university visit. Students must secure prior campus principal approval per the College Visit Request Form and upon verification of the College Visit Pre-Approval Form verification by the visiting college or university, the accrued absences will not count toward the exemption requirement.

 Students MUST be passing all classes in order to use a College Visit Day.

 Unused days do NOT roll over from Junior to Senior year.

 Any College Visits over the approved (4) days per year will be counted as an absence that will count against exemptions.

Obtaining a College Visit Request Form:

  1. Pick up College Visit Form from the attendance office (or access it electronically here). This form must be completed and turned in 2 days in advance.  No Exceptions! 

  2. Obtain all required signatures from College Facilitator/Counselor, Teachers, Principal and Parents.

  3. Once your form has been completed and approved you will turn this form into the attendance office.

  4. After your college visit, You MUST bring back an official letter from the college you were attending (on college letterhead) as proof of visit. This documentation MUST be turned into the attendance office no later than 2 school days after your college visit. ONLY with this documentation will your college visit day be exempted.

  5. Only when the form is turned in will your absence be excused. NO EXCEPTIONS! These documents MUST be turned in no later than 2 school days after your college visit! 

How do I get in to college?

Students should have a list of 4-6 colleges they are interested in applying to by the time they are seniors.

Below you will find an admissions cheat sheet of a few Texas colleges to browse.  Always refer to each college website for the most up to date, detailed information though.

Assured Admissions 17-18

Useful Links

https://www.applytexas.org:  Many Texas colleges use this online application system. 

The Common App is used by many colleges, both in and outside of Texas!

https://www.commonapp.org/ready:  Help documents for students and parents provided by the Common App

For students unsure about what they want to do after high school, here is a free career assessment linked to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  They produce the Occupational Outlook Handbook which gives amazing insight into job descriptions, salary, and growth projections.

Database of national scholarships with option to search by grade level!

www.collegeforalltexans.com:  Help with planning for applying to and attending college or military, financial aid information, scholarships, and so much more!  

www.everychanceeverytexan.org:  Planning strategies for high school and beyond including job outlooks in Texas, scholarships, and college admissions help.

www.aie.org:  Adventures in Education provides information to help students plan for college, pay for college, and find a job after graduation.

www.khanacademy.org:  Khan Academy offers tutoring for a wide range of courses, but they also provide free test prep for the PSAT and SAT tests!  Students are able to link their College Board account with Khan Academy.  Doing this allows students to upload their PSAT results to create a personalized study plan for the SAT test.  

www.prepfactory.com:  PrepFactory has built an interactive resource to provide free ACT and SAT test prep for students.

http://www.esc12.net/page/SCHOLAR_college:  This is a compilation of college and career readiness put together by Region 12 in Texas.  GREAT resources to help in planning for job searching, college applications, scholarship opportunities, college major selection, and more!

http://www.comparecollegetx.com/:  This site allows you to compare different 2 year and 4 year colleges in the state of Texas.

https://www.mometrix.com/academy/tsi-test/:  This site provides information and test prep options for the TSI test.  See below for a description of this exam.

Tests, Tests, and More Tests!


The Pre-SAT is a test offered by College Board once a year in October.  All 9th-11th grade students in LCISD will take this exam free of charge.  The results from this exam are extremely helpful in predicting how well a student might do on the SAT test in their spring of their junior year.  Students will be able to link their PSAT results to their Khan Academy account to create a personalized SAT study guide based on the areas of the PSAT that they did not do as well on.  Free practice questions can be found on the College Board website.

When students take the PSAT in their junior year of high school, they will be considered for awards and scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Program.


The SAT is a college admissions exam typically taken in the spring of junior year in high school to provide students with ample time to retake it if needed.  Most colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT, but students should check with the admissions pages of their top college choices to verify this as there are some that will want one or the other.


The ACT is another college admissions exam option for students.  Again, this should be taken in the spring of the junior year in high school to provide students the chance to retake it if necessary.  Most colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT, but students should check with the admissions pages of their top college choices to verify this as there are some that will want one or the other.


The ASVAB test is used by the military to determine job placement for those interested in entering the armed forces.  The test also provides valuable career exploration information for students who may be unsure which direction they'd like to go after high school graduation.  This test needs to be schedules through one of the military recruiters.

(no separate website, can locate specifics on taking this test through any college website)

Texas Success Initiative exam offered in the state of Texas to assist colleges in course placement for first year college students.  The results from the TSI are used to determine if students will need to be scheduled into remedial coursework prior to taking credits that will count towards their degree.  Students can be exempt from the TSI depending on SAT/ACT scores.  Because policies can vary from college to college, information on who needs to take the TSI should be located on each individual college website.  Information and TSI practice can be found here:  https://www.mometrix.com/academy/tsi-test/