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Ms. Sandra Olsovsky

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Ms. Sandra Olsovsky
Math Teacher Hs

My name is Sandi Olsovsky and I teach Geometry at Foster High School.  I am originally from Victoria, Tx., but have lived in the Rosenberg/Richmond area for the last 25 years.   I joined the LCISD family right out of college and continue to enjoy helping our young people meet their potential and expectations. 

I currently live with my husband, german shepherd, and three cats.   I, of course, am a big fan of mathematics and somehow find comfort in its logic and reason. I also, however, enjoy music, astronomy, animals, and the outdoors.  My idea of total relaxation is a clear cool  night, open field, telescope, Enya CD.......waiting for that moment of atmospheric tranquility.

Conference:  10:05 - 10:55pm

e-mail:  solsovsky@lcisd.org

Tutoring available from 7:40 - 8:15am every morning except Thursday.

Test Day:  Math tests can be given on any date with an odd number except Friday.

Phone number:  832-223-3800

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