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Ms. Lori Stafford

Important Notice

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

Thomas A. Edison

2017-2018 Principles of Applied Engineering

Published on 8/26/2015

Student Supplies
1.5 inch three ring binder with pockets, any color
One package of dividers
100 sheets note book paper
Three ring pencil bag
Ten #2 pencils or mechanical pencils with extra lead
1 Three ring bound composition notebook
$30 dollar student project donation (checks payable to BJHS Activity Fund). Please put student name in memo section of check. 

Positive attitude, desire to learn, and determination to keep going in spite of failure.


Published on 8/26/2015

Hello 2017-2018 Parents/Guardians and Students,  

One way that I will communicate with LCISD students and parents is with LCISD email. Please help your student learn his or her LCISD student email address and password. Also, help your student set up his or her student email on their cell phone or other device. LCISD student email information can be found in your student's Skyward account. Parents, please keep your contact information current in Skyward. Students are responsible for checking their LCISD email in a timely manner. 

I will also use Remind, a free and safe text message website to communicate with students and parents. Remind will allow me to send important information about assignments, quizzes and tests. I will give out the information to join Remind the first week of school. Students are responsible for checking their text messages or the Remind app in a timely manner. 

Thank you, 

Mrs. Stafford 


Teacher Profile

Ms. Lori Stafford

My name is Mrs. Stafford. I am a proud graduate of Texas Southern University and have been teaching since 1998. In my free time I enjoy  baking, reading, swimming, and walking. I love teaching and learning about technology. As a teacher I want to share knowledge and information with my students to help them become successful members of society and life long learners.

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School: 832-223-4000

Voice Mail: 823-223-4040

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