Campus Phone: 832-223-4000

Parents of Briscoe

Volunteer Opportunities

The "Parents of Briscoe" organization is a group of parents dedicated to supporting the students and staff at Briscoe Junior High. We sponsor fundraisers, assist with the Six Weeks Academic Awards celebrations, and work with teachers to acquire the equipment and supplies they need. We hold several fundraisers each year to fund our projects.

We can always use more parental and community support. We encourage all parents to actively participate in "Parents of Briscoe". We are not affiliated with PTO or PTA. Parents of Briscoe does not collect annual dues - all money we raise stays at Briscoe Junior High.

Parents of Briscoe officers meet monthly. General meetings are held twice a year, once a semester.

Ongoing Projects

  • To raise money to support quality classroom instruction. (Grants for Teachers)
  • To raise money for painting murals in the school.
  • Adding presentation technology to the teaching forum.
  • To raise money to put permanent outdoor benches and outdoor picnic tables outside the school.
  • Finding parents who would help write grants for ongoing projects.
  • Adding more technology (Smartboards, Document Cameras, IPads, GPS systems, etc.) to the teaching classrooms.


POB Officers

Shelley Richards

Vice President
Linda Jacks

Tonya Goosen

Linda Carnes

Volunteer Coordinator
Nicole Tindale

Carolina Martinez

Teacher Appreciation
Jill Boucaumont

Limaris Swailes

Jennifer Zebold