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Ms. Zhaira Navarro


Published on 11/17/2015

2015 - 2016   Schedule 

7:40 - 7:50  Announcements

7:50 - 9:05  1st Period

9:05 - 10:20  2nd Period

10:20 - 11:35  3rd Period

11:35 - 12:15  4th Period

12:15 - 12:45  Lunch

12:45 - 1:15  Recess 

1:15 - 2:05  Specials/Conference 

2:05 - 2:30  4th Period cont. 

2:30 - 2:40  D.E.A.R

Teacher Profile

Ms. Zhaira Navarro
Third Grade Teacher

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

-Brad Henry


My name is Ms. Navarro and I teach third grade Reading and Language Arts at Bowie Elementary. I am grateful to be given the chance to inspire young children and guide them towards the higher ranks of education with the knowledge they require to become successful. I enjoy teaching the subject of reading due to my passion for reading various texts that involve different genres, and I express that to my students to hopefully spark curiosity. My goal for the year is to motivate students to have a love for reading and become more knowledgeable in this content area to overcome the challenges that are coming ahead. I am a proud cougar from the University of Houston, graduating class of 2013 and a fourth year teacher at Bowie Elementary. I hope that I can continue to learn in my fourth year and beyond to become better equipped to serve the many students who come into my classroom.

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