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Dress Code


Khaki, or navy blue pants, shorts*, skirts, skorts, or jumpers not of denim or denim type material.

Long blue denim jeans, or blue denim shorts, skorts, or jumpers can be worn with the following provisions:

  • Denim blue jeans must be plain and straight legged
  • No pictures, embroidery, designs, words other than brand name in the waist area
  • No white wash or off color jeans
  • No beads or other foreign objects
  • No wide flare or bell bottom jeans
  • No cut off shorts – must be hemmed
  • No denim blue jean overalls
  • Must comply with all LCISD dress code regulations

All bottoms need to be of the appropriate length and fit as directed in the district dress code standards.


Red, navy blue, or white collared shirt.

Austin Elementary spirit or school shirt or sweatshirt.

Long sleeved/Turtleneck shirts and cardigan sweaters of red, navy blue, or white can be worn.

Sweatshirts (no hood) of red, navy blue or white.

Shirts may not have any visible logo.

All shirts must be tucked in to the bottoms.

*Shorts are defined as any pant that extends from the mid-thigh to the top of the ankle.

Vendors – There are MANY of the area stores who carry uniform dress: Academy, Target, Kroger, JC Penny, Children's Place, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart

Enforcement Policies

Students new to the campus will be informed of the dress policy at enrollment and given three weeks to comply with the policy.

Failure to correct the problem will be considered a disciplinary infraction. The parents will be contacted to inform them of the infraction. If it is determined that a student’s grooming violates the dress code, the student shall be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. The parents will be asked to bring the appropriate clothing to the office. If the parent is unable to bring the appropriate clothing, the child may wear clothing from the nurse if available. If neither option is available, the child will be subjected to other discipline actions as outlined in the student code of conduct. Every effort will be made to communicate with the parents of violators to secure their support of the policy.

Assistance With Uniform Dress

Contact the school nurse if you need assistance with providing uniform dress for your child.