Texas Virtual School Network

What is Texas Virtual School Network?

  1. Established by SB1788 in the 80th state legislature
  2. HB3646 created the Texas Virtual School Network allotment fund. Currently all course fees are covered by this allotment fund for classes for graduation.
  3. Online courses that students may take via the internet.

Why implement TxVSN in LCISD?

  1. Expands course offerings
  2. Helps to meet different learning styles
  3. Required by HB 1376

How is TxVSN being implemented in LCISD?

  1. Current course offerings are limited to courses not affected by End of Course or TAKS state assessments.
  2. The students who indicated an interest in online learning will be given the Smarter Measure assessment from the TxVSN website. This assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses of students and predicts their success in online learning.
  3. The Site Coordinator at each high school will be responsible for seeing that each student has a mentor to check on his/her progress, communicate with the online teacher and be a source of support.

What does the Smarter Measure Assessment measure?

  1. Reading recall
  2. Technology knowledge and competency
  3. Personal attributes such as time management, self discipline, etc.
  4. Other parts of the test include typing rate, and learning styles
  5. Complete assessment results will be available

What things should you and your student consider before enrolling in an online course?

  1. Playing on a computer vs. learning on a computer
  2. Student’s learning style
  3. Student’s self discipline, responsibility, initiative, etc.
  4. Student’s involvement in school activities, outside school activities, work, social life, etc.
  5. The amount of time the class will involve
  6. The level of difficulty for the class—the unknown risk
  7. All classes fall under the UIL rule of No Pass/No Play
  8. All classes will count in the high school GPA and class rank
  9. A student must make a 70 or higher and complete all course assignments and assessments to earn credit for the class
  10. A student cannot exempt the final exam and must take it in person at a District school campus.

Who teaches the online classes and how is quality ensured?

  1. Texas high school teachers from across the state. Courses are offered through the TxVSN network through a variety of school districts.
  2. Teachers must be Texas certified in the subject and highly qualified.
  3. All courses go through a rigorous course review before they are placed in the course catalog.
  4. All courses must cover all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

When will the students take the TxVSN classes?

  1. Currently online classes will be completed outside of the normal school day on the student’s own time. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all assignments/projects and submit them by the due date as set forth by the class instructor. A course syllabus will be given to all students upon enrollment in the course.
  2. The student will need access to a computer and high speed internet for the class.

How do we get started?

  1. The parent and the student must sign an agreement to participate.
  2. The student must take the Smarter Measure Assessment to determine readiness for online course work.
  3. The student will work with their assigned counselor to complete the enrollment process and to determine course selection.

Where do I find additional information?

For more information go to the following website: or
Contact your school counselor.