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5th Six Weeks

Published on 2/17/2018

Welcome to the 5th Six weeks. We are almost done. In this six weeks we will focus on: DNA Technology; The Human Body System; and Viruses. Please make sure to be in class each and every day as the course information provided will help you to be successful in passing the biology staar. 


The Whales 


Lecture Notes:

Biology 6H DNA Technology Video 

Biology 10C Levels of Organization Video 

Biology 10A Human body System Video Part One

Biology 10A Human Body System Video Part Two

Biology 10B Interactions with Plants Video

Biology   4C Viruses

Biology 5B Cell Specialization 

Plant Review Game 


Human Body Systems by Amoeba Sisters 

Plant Structures and Adaptations

Tropism in Plants

Photosynthesis & The Tiny Green Pancakes

Viruses by Amoeba Sisters

4th Six Weeks

Published on 1/28/2018

Welcome to the 4th Six Weeks listed below is the information that you will find helpful for Genetics and Evolution. Please remember that tutorials are offered Monday & Wednesdays from 3:30PM to 4:30PM. You will receive bonus points for attending both sessions during the week. 

Lecture Notes:

Biology 6F Genetics Video Lecture Notes

Monohybrid Cross Practice Videos:

Punnet Square/Monhybrid Cross Practice Video

Punnet Square/Monhybrid Cross Practice Video 1-3

Punnet Square/Monhybrid Cross Practice Video 4-5

Dihybrid Cross Practice Videos:

Dihybrid Cross Practice # 1

Dihybrid Cross Practice # 2

Pedigree Practice Videos:

Pedigree Practice/Introduction Video

Pedigree Practice Problem Video

Codominance Practice Videos: 

Codominance Practice Video 1

Incomplete Dominance Videos: 

Incomplete Dominance Video 1

Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, Sex Linked Review Video

Evolution and Taxonomy Unit 

 Biology 8A: Taxonomy Lecture Notes

Biology 8B: Classifying Organisms 

Biology 7A: Common Ancestry Lecture Notes

Biology 7E Natural Selection, Adaptation, Diversity Lecture Notes 

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2nd Period: Biology

3rd Period: Biology 

4th Period: Biology

5th period: Planning/Conferencing 

6th Period: Biology

7th Period: Biology


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