Campus Phone: (832)223-3200


 Remind 101

Coach Johnson would like for all parents to join Remind 101 for important reminders and information for the summer and fall. 

For 8th grade football players’ parents: TEXT @8fbljh to #81010                 

For 7th grade football players’ parents: TEXT @7fbljh to #81010


Football Schedule


2015 Football Practice

Football season is here and we have started practice at Lamar Jr. High.  Thank you for allowing us to teach your young athlete this great game.  Practice will end promptly at 5:00p.m. for 7th graders and 5:30p.m. for 8th graders.  We will not have practice on Fridays.  Please remind your young athlete the importance of staying hydrated and eating healthy meals.  If you have any questions please call Coach Johnson at 832-223-3224 or email him at  


All football players need to make sure they are drinking plenty of water. If you choose to drink sports drinks you should drink at least the same amount of water as you do sports drink. Most of these have a high concentration of salts and sugar.

Drink - Drink - Drink

Football practice and games are stressful on the body. Get plenty of rest and eat right.