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Mr. Patrick Peloquin


Published on 9/8/2015

We are fitness gram testing and playing volleyball the first 6weeks in Foundations of Fitness and Team Sports.

Foundations of Fitness

Published on 12/9/2013

Basket unit is in full swing. Teams are playing hard trying to win the top seed for our class tournament. 

Coach Peloquin's School Calendar

Published on 10/21/2013

Teacher Profile

Mr. Patrick Peloquin
Physical Ed Tchr Hs





4th period 10:58 - 11:58



Class Schedule:

1st    Foundations of Fitness(PE) & Team Sports

2nd   Foundations of Fitness(PE) & Team Sports

3rd    Foundations of Fitness(PE) & TeamSports

4th    Foundations of Fitness(PE) & Team Sports

5th    Lunch/Department Head Planning

6th     Conference period

7th   Athletics  -   Volleyball (Varsity & JV)

8th    Athletics  -  Softball & Volleyball (Freshmen)

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