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Lamar CHS Athletics

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New athletes to LCISD must complete paperwork in order to be eligible to participate.

We use RankOneSport for our required participation documents.  Click on the following link and read through the instructions for completing these electronic forms:

Please note that upon joining a team the coach may require additional documentation be provided showing age and residency.  While we understand that this information is on file from initial school registration, this is a required step to ensure compliance with UIL rules.  


RECRUITMENT TOOLS: NCAA Eligibility Center & Core Course GPA

Please refer to the NCAA Eligibility Center website for information to help with the process of becoming eligible to play sports in college.  One of the documents they publish is a guide for student-athletes.  You can also find that document here.

For student-athletes looking to play at the college level, you will want to become very familiar with the requirements to be eligible to compete at that level very early on in your high school career.  It isn't all about athletic ability!  There is a grade and SAT/ACT score component to this as well so it is just as important to be on top of your game in the classroom as it is to be in top condition physically.

One important note:  your NCAA Core GPA is different than the LCISD GPA reported on the transcript.  We use to assist you in this calculation.  See below for information on how to create your account and get started! 

Students will register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of their junior year in high school. Student athletes should plan to take their first ACT or SAT in March of their junior year to allow for more retake opportunities as needed to meet the sliding scale requirements based on their Core GPA.  The sliding scale is also found on the website above.

Use your PSAT results as a gauge of where you are now and where you need to be for eligibility.  There are many free resources found on the College/Career page to help prep for the SAT/ACT.  No student should arrive on the day of those exams without studying beforehand!

Talk to your coaches if you desire to play sports in college so they can help you best prepare for potential competition at that level.  


Lamar High School offers a full range of athletic programs, including football, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, swimming, golf, soccer, tennis and softball.

The purpose of our extra-curricular sports program is to encourage and foster opportunities for ALL students to actively participate in activities other than the academic. This develops learning outcomes in skills, emotional patterns, communication, interpersonal group dynamics, teamwork, leadership, and general knowledge. Our athletics programs unique experiences that are inherently educational and teach lifelong lessons such as teamwork and self-discipline, while facilitating the physical and emotional development of our student athletes.

Lamar Athletics News and Announcements

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