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Ms. Margaret Wilkening

First Six Weeks Calendar

Published on 9/17/2017

More information can be found on Canvas.

AP US History Summer Assignment 2017

Published on 5/31/2017

The summer assignment can be accessed using the 2017 GRHS AP US History Summer  Assignment link on the lower right of the page.


The assignment consists of:

1.  The Period 1 Review

2.  Period 1 Timeline

3.  Two Maps:  Native Americans and European Land Claims

4.  Two Articles and Article Analysis:  The Colombian Exchange and The Atlantic Trade

These are all parts of the first unit of the course. 

Due dates are as follows:


  • The assignment will count as a major test grade
  • Due date: August 28nd—the first day of school
  • Bonus points will be awarded for those that have completed the assignment in a timely manner.

            Monday, August 28th   +10 points

            Tuesday, August 29th   +8 points

            Wednesday, August 30th  +6 points

            Thursday, August 31st   +4 points

            Friday, September 1st  +2 points

            Tuesday, September 5th   +0 points         

            Wednesday, September 6th  -20 points

  Students who enter the class late will still be required to complete the summer reading on an adjusted schedule. 


Please contact the AP US History teacher, Mrs. Wilkening at if you have any questions.

Upcoming Events

Published on 3/31/2015

Test on the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s on 4-10.

5th Six Weeks Test on 4-15.

Teacher Profile

Ms. Margaret Wilkening
Social Studies Tchr Hs

Growing up as an Air Force brat, I had the chance to live many different places.  The greatest experience was getting to  attended high school in Germany.  We ended up in Texas my senior year of high school, and I attended Texas A&M.  I met my future husband there, and with that genetic predisposition, we have two Aggie daughters. If you asked them my most distinctive interest, they would all agree that I really only care about dead guys (except for the Aggies, of course!).    


Tutorial Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday during B Lunch

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