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Mr. Gerald Garcia

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Published on 9/9/2017


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Mr. Gerald Garcia
Science Teacher Hs

I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics for Teachers degree from the Philippine Normal University, Manila. I taught for 7 years at a public high school in the Philippines, 14 years at Clements HS (also JV Boys Soccer Coach - State Champions 2014) and a year at Kempner HS. I started at GRHS during the school year 2016-17.


There are two general types of physics learners: 

a) The one who love to explore and imagine the "awesomeness" of physics CONCEPTUALLY AND PLAYFULLY and 

b) The one who want to analyze the physics of everything through the language in which it should be expressed...MATH. 


Learning physics should not be confined within the four corners of the classroom but preferably learned through CRITICAL observations and by DOING the physics of things IN and OUT of the classroom. 


I hope that everyone will progressively embrace the "AWESOMENESS OF PHYSICS" and eventually... the blind fear of physics will be transformed into an appreciation of this wonderful science. I will guide, engage and help you embrace this wonderful field of science and I AM excited to welcome everyone to the World of PHYSICS.

                            "May the {ma} be with you". 


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