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Ms. Cheryl Stiles

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Published on 8/23/2017

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Published on 8/23/2017

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Published on 8/23/2017

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Teacher Profile

Ms. Cheryl Stiles
Math Teacher Hs

Hello, I'm Cheryl Stiles. I have been teaching Math at the secondary level since 2004. I have taught everything from Algebra I to Precalculus and this year I will be teaching Precalculus as well as Advanced Quantitative Reasoning.

It is my privilege to work with the Longhorns and be a part of this amazing community. Not only am I a teacher, but also a parent. 

I hold a Master's of Science Degree in Secondary Education and am retired from the Air Force. The many years I worked in the training environment prepared me to work with young people, a career I enjoy.

The quickest way to contact me is via e-mail:

You can call (and please leave a message) 832-223-4200

Follow me on twitter @CStilesMath

Documents can be accessed from the documents section at the bottom of this webpage.

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