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Mr. John Valentino

Make-up Work and Online Tutorials

Published on 10/2/2017

All students are encouraged to join Mr. Valentino's Khan Academy class.

There will be "assigned" videos and activities that can be done via phone, computer, or other electronic device. These are NOT graded assignments, but they will directly correspond to the topics we are covering in class.

If you want to look for a concept that we covered in the past, just click on the "past" button on the assignment page. Mr. Valentino will see the progress you make and will take your work into account when extra points are needed, or when a student misses daily grades due to absence. 

Who will benefit from Mr. Valentino's Khan Academy class

1. Students who miss a day or several days

2. Students who are struggling to understand the concepts

3. Students who want to strengthen their math skills

4. Parents who want to help their students with math

1. Sign-up at (or log in if you already have an account).

2. Visit (the "Coaches" tab in your profile).

3. In the "add a coach" filed, enter the class code.

Class Code 5W86S8

You're set! Now click Home to start learning!

Welcome to 8th Grade Math!

Published on 9/24/2017

Click here for Mr. Valentino's class syllabus.

Click here for Mr. Valentino's classroom procedures.

 Here you can find the weekly Deep Practice and Learning Extension handouts.

Deep Practice is the set of warm-up questions we do every day at the beginning of class. Students receive them on the first day of the week and are expected to keep track of them for the duration of the week. 

Learning Extension is the assignment that is given at the beginning of the week and is due at the end of the week. It is usually taken as a grade.

 Slope-Intercept Worksheet (Due Oct 24)  Writing Linear Equations (Due Oct 24)
 Deep Practice Oct 30-Nov 3  Learning Extension, Oct 30-Nov 3 (Due Nov 3)
 Deep Practice Oct 23-27  Learning Extension, Oct 23-27 (due Oct 27)
 Slope Project due Oct 20  Graph paper for Oct 20 slope project
 Deep Practice Oct 16-20  Learning Extension, Oct 16-20 (due Oct 20)
 Term 2 Project Due Oct 20 Graph paper for project
 Deep Practice Oct 9-13  Learning Extension, Oct 9-13 (due Oct 13)
 Deep Practice Oct 2-6 Learning Extension, Oct 2-6 Due Oct 5
 Slope Project- Due Oct 4  Slope Project Sample
 Graph Paper for Project  
 Deep Practice, Sep 25-29   Learning Extension, Sep 25-29. Due Sep 28

Teacher Profile

Mr. John Valentino
Math Teacher Jh

Hello! My name is John Valentino and I teach 8th grade Math at George Junior High. This is my first year in the public school classroom, but I have spent the past 19 years working in junior high and high school youth ministry, as well as part-time teaching in a private school.

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University and I grew up in Houston. I now live in the Rosenberg area with my wife and three children.

I love the people at George Junior High and am so excited to be working with so many amazing young people. I’m really looking forward to seeing my students work hard and learning more than they though ever would. Go Gators!

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Remind: Receive text updates and reminders by texting @GJH8thMath to 81010

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