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Ms. Helen Daniels

Important Notice

Read every day!!! Begin your READING COUNT POINTS today!!!! READING COUNTS are major test grades.

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Ms. Helen Daniels
English Teacher Jh

My name is Helen Daniels. I was born in Texas. I have two children. In my extended  family there are two cats and one dog. I have been in education for quite a number of years. I teach 8th grade ELA.  My favorite subject in school is reading.  My favorite color is red. I love shopping at the mall. My hobbies are reading, fishing, and working in my flower beds. My favorite drink  is rootbeer, and I would like to have lunch with Michael Jordan--my hero. :)

 Tutorials during advisory. Those students in Math or Science will be scheduled a different time. Different tutorial times will be assign as needed.  

***My conference time is 8:15-8:45.

***Phone number--832-223-3600 EX--3642

* See Google Site} for READING COUNT DUE DATES!!!!!!

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