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As the 5th ^ Weeks Comes To An End...

Published on 4/15/2014

We are wrapping up the unit on Human Body Systems with our 6 weeks test this week.

We will continue Genetics and Reproduction next week.  The Genetics Test will be Tuesday, April 29.  Mark your calendars now! 

I'm sure you're as excited about getting a day off this week just as much as your teachers are.  Remember wil WILL have school on Thursday, but Friday is your's to enjoy! :)

4th 6 Weeks Update

Published on 1/30/2014

It has been a crazy two weeks having to deal with "Snowpocalypse" 2014 (without the snow!).  Students have been diligently learning about Human Body Systems.  We had our first major test on Monday (Jan 27).  All of my classes performed wonderfully on their assessment.  I'm eager to begin learning about each body system individually.  Learning about Chemical and Physical Changes/Properties will guide our understanding of the human digestive system.  For a copy of this week's homework assignment, check the "Documents" section, found in the right panel.

Here's a quick snapshot of our week:
 Monday Human Body Systems & Biological Organizaiton
 Tuesday  Bad Weather - No School
 Wednesday  Chemical and Physical Changes/Properties
Notes & Homework
 Thursday  Benchmark Testing (Reading A.M.; Writing P.M.)
 Friday  Chemical and Physical Changes/Properties
Demonstration & Notes

Human Body Systems

Published on 1/14/2014

This week students are becoming familiar with all 11 human body systems.  For a simple overview, review the functions of each system.

I'm reminding each class to stay in touch through text messaging with Remind 101, as wel as checking my Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

Have a great week!

Circulatory System
Transports nutrients, and wastes, and plays a role in immune response

Digestive System
Breaks down food and absorbs nutrients

Endocrine System
Plays a part in the regulation of metabolism, reproduction, and many other functions

Excretory System (Urinary System)
Removes solid and liquid waste

Integumentary System
Protects, regulates temperature, prevents water loss

Lymphatic System (Immune System)
Controls the immune response and fights disease

Muscular System
Allows body movement and maintins posture

Nervous System
Detects sensations and controls most functions

Reproductive System
Performs reproduction and controls male and female behaviors

Respiratory System
Exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) between blood and air

Skeletal System
Protects, supports, allows movement, produces blood cells, and stores minerals

4th 6 Weeks

Published on 1/9/2014

During the 4th 6 Weeks we will begin exploring human bodies more. I'm excited about kicking off 2014 with my group of students. This 6 Weeks be expecting homework on a weekly basis, as well as spending time studying daily. We have begun adding important terms to our journals. In order for students to succeed for the rest of the semester, they will need to be able to identify these terms:

Atoms (Smallest unit of matter; found on the Periodic Table of Elements)
Organic Compounds (Two or more atoms that are chemically combined; must contain the element Carbon)
Cells (Smallest unit of living things; made up of organic compounds)
Tissues (Made up of similar cells that come together to perform a specific function)
Organs (Made up of tissues that come together to perform a specific function)
Organ Systems (Organs work together to make up organ systems to perform a specific function)
Organism (A living thing that is made up of organ systems working together in order to carry out all functions of life)

Stay Connected!

Published on 10/30/2013

I encourage all parents/guardians to stay connected with me through various channels of technology.

In my classroom we use Remind 101, a text message system to send out reminders.  Email me for the information!

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