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Ms. Erica Sury

Important Notice

Never miss a chance to dance.

Save the Date

Published on 11/11/2017

It's never too early to plan ahead!!! 


Charger Dance Required Dance Attire

Published on 6/7/2017

Below are the items you will need for dance:

Top: Charger Dance Dept. tee

(purchase from Mrs. Sury at the beginning of the year) 

*pre-order link below

Bottoms: black dance pants, black dance capris, or black thick leggings.  

Shoes: Dance shoes must be worn.  Jazz shoes preferred but lyrical style dance shoes accepted.

Either of these items can be purchased at Academy, a local dance supply store, or online (Discount Dancewear or Dancewear Solutions, for instance)

The students will be required to change from school attire to the assigned dance class attire.


17-18 Dance Dept. Tee

Published on 6/4/2017

Teacher Profile

Ms. Erica Sury
Drill Team Tchr Hs

Mrs. Sury is the dance teacher at Leaman JH & Fulshear HS, and she is also the Fulshear Storm Dance Team coach at CFHS.  For 13 years, she has been a  high school dance educator.  She began her career at Westfield HS in Spring ISD, then taught at Bush HS in Ft. Bend ISD, and Lamar Consolidated HS in LCISD.  Mrs. Sury received her BS at the University of Houston where she majored in Health and minored in Dance.  She is a member of the Texas Dance Educator Association (TDEA), the National Dance Coaches Association (NDCA), and the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO).  She also holds a position on the Texas Dance Educators' Association (TDEA) Board as Corresponding Secretary.  Mrs. Sury has a wonderful husband, Gene, and two amazing children, Zakary (14) and Meghan (10).

Teacher Schedule

Period 1: Fulshear Storm Dance Team

Period 2: JH Color Guard

Period 3: HS Dance 1, 2, & 3

Period 4: JH Dance PE

Period 5: JH Dance PE

Period 6: JH Dance PE

Period 7: Conference

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