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Academic UIL

Important Information

Academic UIL Signup Form

The coordinator will pull the information from the submissions and use it to identify Academic UIL candidates and share the information with the coaches. Students have also been recruited through Student Orientation, Open House, Eagle Excellence, and lunch times.

Academic UIL Coordinator
Monica Auffant
(832) 223-6437

2015-2016 Academic UIL Coaches
Please contact the coach for questions concerning practice dates and times

Briscoe Junior High - Academic UIL Coaches
Event 7th E-mail Address 8th E-mail Address
Art Audrey Feuge Audrey Feuge
Calculator Applications Kevin Tinnin
Keith Merrick
Chess Terry Walters
Terry Walters
Dictionary Skills Courtney Cloos
Caylor Travers
Editorial Writing Ashley Niesner
Kim Witty
Impromptu Speaking Rebecca Pustejovsky
Rebecca Pustejovsky
Listening Jenny Cawthon
Nance Burris
Maps, Graphs, & Charts Patricia Lozano Lenhurst O'Brien
Mathematics Christina Delgado
Melisa Hensgen
Modern Oratory Amanda Kelly
Amanda Kelly
Number Sense Christine Laurenson
Flossie Holts-Leaks
Oral Reading Amanda Kelly
Amanda Kelly
Ready Writing Ashley Niesner Kim Witty
Science Youlanda Marshall
Sabra Wheeless
Social Studies Lisa Koehl
Marco De La Fuente
Spelling Deidra Allen
Lisa Mays