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Regarding student pickup:

  1. Please know that a teacher cannot release a student to anyone who does not regularly pick up the child without written permission from the parent/guardian.  We cannot take the word of another parent or student.  If you are allowing your student to go home with a friend or other family please make sure that you have notified the classroom teacher.

  2. We are working very hard to expedite the pick-up line while keeping our children safe.  We are asking that anyone who walks up to pick up their child at dismissal do so at the far end of the building at the front of the line of cars.  We are working to designate this as an official crosswalk area.  We ask that you cross at that area when you arrive for pick-up AND when you depart with your child.  It is very dangerous to have anyone moving between cars in gear.  While it may be quicker to dash across when it seems traffic is stopped, you can never be sure when cars are going to move and know that they have seen you.  Drivers are very distracted with getting children and backpacks in and out of cars, buckling seat belts, and monitoring the flow of traffic.  It is important that we all strive for and model good safety for our children.

  3. If you arrive before children are dismissed we ask that you wait at that far end of the building and we can send your children down to you.  This helps to keep our walkway clear and makes it more convenient for you to use the crosswalk when departing.  There is also more paved space at that end of the building for visiting safely away from the flow of traffic.

  4. Also if you do choose to park in the parking lot please exit the aisles to the back towards Pitts Rd. rather than into the flow of the pick-up line.

Yearbooks are on Sale NOW!!

This YB sale will end on Wednesday, February 25th.

 Books can be ordered very easily by visiting:

Yearbook ID Code:  8717015
Book prices have gone down a few dollars since last year, and you have a few different package choices to select from.  Yearbook orders will arrive with your students name on the front cover.  We will not carry an overstock of more than 10 books for purchase this year.  

NOW is the time to submit any photos you have taken during first semester field trips, class parties, etc. to be placed within the book.   Photo sharing with the Yearbook Advisor is super easy, and you can upload all of your photos at one time by visiting:  Upload Code: HHAPCV

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Austin Elementary Cosmic Choir Rehearsals have begun!  Rehearsals are every Tuesday after school until 4:00 unless otherwise specified.  Choir is open to any 4th or 5th grade student that is interested, passing all subjects, has good conduct and likes to sing!

We are going to sing the National Anthem at the Skeeters game in May and will do a cool musical called "Pirates!" also in May.  If you would like further information, please see Mrs. Brown the music teacher or send an email to:

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